How do I edit my listing?

For the DOT Examiner directory, look up your listing here examiners.dotmentor.net and see if there is an edit button.  If not, whoever submitted it needs to login here examiners.dotmentor.net/wp-login.php, then go back to listing and click the edit button to make changes

Is there a delay from when I submit my listing to displaying in the directory?

Yes, it needs to be approved first.  It usually doesn’t take very long sometimes a few minutes or hours, or overnight if a late submission (we are pacific time.). Then you will get an email with the confirmation and link to your listing.

How do I enter multiple locations? It is asking me for a new account/email for each?

Enter your email on the next entry with a “+1” or “+location” e.g. youremail+1@yourcompany.com

With many email providers you will still get the confirmation email in your regular email inbox.

I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to sort by locations where COVID testing is available for drivers. Can you send me the steps?

STEP 1 – Go to Advanced search:

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STEP 2 – Pick a state:

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STEP 3 – Click search:

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STEP 4 – Click search parameter twice so arrow points down, the “yes” entries will be at the top:

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